Hi again, some of you may be completely clueless about what it means to stitch out a design that is called In The Hoop. Even if you’ve been doing machine embroidery for a while, you still may not have done an In The Hoop Project or ITH as it’s sometimes referred to.

A lot of us collect embroidery designs and they can really pile up in our file folders if they are digital or on discs if we still get them physically. So, you have all these designs and now what to put them on…hmmm… We’ve even tried them on a roll of toilet paper! There is a better way.

So, what is In The Hoop? You could consider it as a 3-D design, because when you’re finished you will have an actual item. You will be creating the item as well as adding the embroidery! There are so many ITH projects. Here are just a few for you to consider & ones that a beginner can do: Bookmarks, Mug Mats (also known as Mug Rugs), Napkin Rings and Coasters. Getting into more of an Intermediate level would be Placemats, Centerpieces, Accent Pillows, and then to continue your skill level into the wonderful world of In The Hoop Machine Embroidery, you will want to advance to Bags/Purses, Wall Hangings & Stuffies.

At Embroidery by EdytheAnne, we specialize in In The Hoop Projects and have a lot for you to choose from. Come on over to our Website – InTheHoopEmbroideryDesigns.com and check out all the many projects available. As a matter of fact, on weekend’s we have a promotion that we call Dollar delite in which we offer a design for only $1. Sometimes the design is an In The Hoop design as it will be THIS weekend! This is an easy ITH Quilt Block. You will have the batting, quilting and design all stitched out In The Hoop! You can stitch blocks together to make a quilt, table runner, placemats, potholders and more.

If you have wanted to try an In The Hoop Project here is an easy and inexpensive way to experience this new skill. All you need is an embroidery machine and a 4×4 hoop, as this weekend’s design comes in 5 different hoop sizes, including the 4×4!

And be sure to check out the new Free Designs for this month!