Part Two – Manage your downloaded designs …… And find them Fast !

NOW ! …..How to keep organized

In PART 1 we discussed where to find our downloaded design files. Now, what to do with all those files you have downloaded and manage them? You may have a hundred or more files to keep track of. But, how can we keep them in order while still being able to find the information we want quickly?

How you name Files and Folders including file extensions is the core concept of management and organization.

To keep things organized, you need to create folders for different documents, files and/or subjects. It’s a good idea to save all your embroidery design files into a FOLDER all of its own. This will make it easier for you to locate those files in the future.

embroidery by edytheanne file folder system rule one

So, all “downloaded designs” are saved in a FILE and each design file should be saved in a Group File and each Group File should be saved in a FOLDER.

Use FOLDERS to keep FILES organized. The FOLDER should be named to identify what is contained in the FILES it’s holding. Likewise, FILE’s are named to identify what’s in the file.

A good structure makes for a good file system!

So, before downloading anything, I recommend you have your file structure in place. This allows you to save that download to its permanent location right then. No temporary save, then forget or can’t find it later syndrome.

Ideally, two clicks to the embroidery design data would be pretty nice.

  • Click #1 on FOLDER and we’re at all of our design Files.
  • Click #2 on FILE and we’re at our embroidery data.

OK, first thing first. Before you download a file, then lose it, think about the following items. Know what you want to do with it before you lose it. Where will I save it? What will I name it? All downloads come with a name or numbers of some type, but this may not be the best name for filing your designs. You can even save these notecards in an actual file box for handy reference!

This is a handy notecard to use

A simple Folder/File system you can use.

The organizing FOLDER is Embroidery by EdytheAnne with 26 Group Files to store designs files and here is how it works. The designs are grouped in the letter file beneath the Folder based on the letter of the alphabet.

For example, let’s expand the “C” file. You see Career, Chocolate, Christmas and Cinco De Mayo. None of these relate to one another, other than they all begin with the letter “C“.

Expanding Christmas ……

As you can see in just 2 clicks, first on file “C” and second on Christmas, we have our Joy to the world mug mat or Christmas Stocking design data that fast.

What to put in file Z besides zebra…….

How about a safe place for storing those downloaded zipped files? You may never lose a file again. At least you will know where to find a backup copy.

These days most embroidery designs and software is downloaded from the Internet.  Whenever you download a piece of software, keep it.  You never know when you may need to reinstall that file or program. Make a safe place for your zipped file. Z just may be it!

Once your documents are well organized on the computer this will make it easier to find items and setup scheduled tasks like backing up your data.

Tip #1 – Choose Your Organization System

Tip #2 – Name Files and Folders Intelligently

Tip #3 – After You Decide on Your System, Stick with It!

I hope this has been informative and helpful for you. How do YOU do it? Your comments and thoughts about what I have presented or the way you organize would be greatly appreciated and helpful to all of us. Do you use dates in your file names? So please comment and share for the benefit of all.

My next POST : How to Create this folder/file system on your computer.