It’s all about Scale, Pattern, Color – sounds easy huh? Well with a few tips you may just find that it is! Fabric.com has so many tutorials about fabrics. I was perusing their blog posts and came across some before and after photos that shows off how dramatic a change you can make in a room by adding patterns and mixing different pattern scales within the room. We all think of color when it comes to decorating, but how often do you try to also mix in your patterns and different scales of those prints. It can seem a little daunting I do admit.

We moved to Virginia Beach a couple of years ago. We bought a house that needed some updating with bathroom fixtures and various other things throughout the house. It wasn’t until NOW that I realized we hadn’t made any changes to the wall paint. Several of the rooms were already updated with contemporary paint, but the living room and the master bedroom still needed some work. Did I say that in the past tense? It should be present tense! Needs some work NOW!

So, like I started saying I was on Fabric.com’s blog site and saw this article by Jessica Nickerson of House Homemade. She showed a before photo of her Master Bedroom.

AFTER Wow! What a Change!

If you look closely all that has been done is the chair has been covered in a big bold print and the curtains are now in a geometric print. A few tweaks on the dresser, but mainly it’s the combination of a bold print in black and white and a geometric print also in black and white on the window. Lots of fun going on here…

Here is what she says about PATTERN: “When I’m shopping for multiple fabrics I try to mix and match patterns that complement each other and not usually ones that are in the same family. For example, something geometric with stripes or hard angles works well with something floral or more organic looking. A print that looks hand-drawn usually looks better with something more structured.”

On SCALE, something helpful to remember when buying fabric from Fabric.com is that there is always a ruler below the fabric sample so you can easily tell how large the print is. A larger print you may want to use for some throw pillows & a smaller print for a larger area in the room, such as curtains or bedspread.

When it comes to COLOR, a simple less colorful color complementing a bolder color makes a powerful statement. There are many examples of this on the Fabric.com blog post by Jessica Nickerson of House Homemade. You can see all of them by clicking HERE, but I have given my favorite below.

The lighter fabric pulls out the lesser color in the bolder print

Be sure to check out more prints and patterns in about every color you can imagine & remember to check the scale of the prints using that ruler at the bottom of the fabric sample. You can see these at Fabric.com.