WHY ?… my BLOG is called… MY IN THE HOOP

Hello, my name is Edythe Anne. Most everyone calls me Edie. My siblings call me Anne. I never did like the name Edythe, until going into the business world. Some years back I had a business relationship with a photographer whose business name was Judith Ann. Our two names together seemed catchy, so even though our business relationship dissolved, I have continued with the name of EdytheAnne in my business endeavors. Of course, Edythe isn’t spelled the way most everyone thinks. Edith is the norm, which is my aunt’s name and who I was named after. I don’t know where my parents come up with the spelling, and never thought to ask! I’ve also never run into anyone else with that spelling.

So…since my business name is Embroidery by EdytheAnne, and my focus with embroidery has been and continues to be In The Hoop Machine Embroidery, using a blog name like in the hoop machine embroidery by EdytheAnne just seemed way too long.

I felt like I needed an easier name to remember & certainly easier to spell like…..hmmm..…My In the Hoop!

I have been enjoying the beach since relocating to the Virginia Beach area last year. Not necessarily sun bathing, but oh it’s so relaxing watching and listening to the surf. Virginia Beach is such a fun beach to go to with all the activities and shops. Seems there is something going on all the time. I do still miss my Embroidery Group back in the Atlanta area though. 😦

My husband helps with tech stuff and even digitizing some of the time. Being a retired engineer, he can figure things out when I get stumped. Believe it or not, some of my In The Hoop projects are real engineering accomplishments!

Hoping, you’re turning My In the Hoop into Your in the Hoop.