When you see Back to School sales in all the stores, you can be assured that Fall is right around the corner. Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas (our favorite). But then, let’s not jump the gun!

Most schools are starting classes back this year the way it was before Covid. That means REALLY Back to School instead of Zoom classes at home. There are also the Home Schoolers who spend some days at home with mom or dad doing the teaching and maybe a Zoom class or two. Also, spending some days in a school-type environment learning some of those subjects that the parents are not experienced with.

Some people think that home-schooled kids don’t have the social environment needed to develop good social skills. I have to say that my grandkids are being home-schooled and they are anything but socially inept. It probably takes more work on the parent’s part, but these days homeschooling is a long way from years back. There are many sports and music programs for these kids to compete and learn responsibility in teamwork. So, not only are the kids getting a good education & good social skills, but the parents are able to ascertain & control the learning environment.

At Embroidery by EdytheAnne, we have a collection of help for parents with their preschool children. Fun & colorful flash “cards” for learning numbers and letters. These have a Biblical emphasis on using Bible verses to teach these younger and impressionable ones. We also have a fun HAPPY CRAYONS Drink Mat that teaches primary colors and is an activity game they can play when having a snack. Check out these and other In The Hoop Projects for a variety of ages at our online shop Embroidery by EdytheAnne. AND be sure to download the two FREE DESIGNS on our FREE EMBROIDERY page. Click on the link above or just click HERE. Also, to get an email whenever we add a new post or new Free Embroidery subscribe below!

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