We always have CHRISTMAS IN JULY promotions at our online shop Embroidery by EdytheAnne. Not only are we now halfway through the year, but we’re also halfway into July! This week we are promoting our CHRISTMAS GREETING “CARD SETS OF FOUR each. All of our Mug Mats are In The Hoop and fit in a greeting card size envelope. The ones in these 3 sets have a Christmas greeting message.

You can save on these sets this week & get your greeting cards started early before crunch time! Purchase Set 1 at regular price and then you can choose either or both of the other sets 50% off!


LASTLY, we have FREE EMBROIDERY DESIGNS for our Christmas promotion. You can get those by clicking on the link above that says FREE MACHINE EMBROIDERY. AND if you haven’t already done so, you can subscribe to our blog and get notified whenever we add a new post and new free designs. Use the Subscribe button below.

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