It’s easier than you think!


If you’ve done applique the old way and you have an embroidery machine…any embroidery machine and haven’t tried machine applique you don’t know what you’re missing…Yet!

This video is brief and to the point showing you the simple steps you need to master in order to add machine embroidery to your skill set. Once you do a few of these you will be amazed at how much easier it is using your machine.

There are 4 basic parts to machine applique.

  1. Placement line for your fabric
  2. Tack down of your fabric
  3. Trim your excess fabric from outer edges
  4. Satin stitch to cover raw edges so they can’t fray

There are several fabric choices that do not need to have that satin stitch and those are ones that do not fray. Some examples are vinyl, felt, leather, fleece and there may be more, but these are the common ones.

This video also explains why you always want to follow the designer’s sequences and not rearrange the sequences just to keep from having to change your thread as often. Click HERE to go to the video on YouTube. Also make sure to follow us here on our blog so you get notifications of updates and also click to subscribe to our YouTube channel!

I hope you enjoy this little video and find it helpful as you continue honing in on your machine embroidery skills! You can find our shop at this address:

Video Link:

Happy Sewing!


Embroidery by EdytheAnne

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