MAKING PILLOW INSERTS – have you ever wanted to make an odd size pillow or how about Pillow Covers? In either of these instances you can create any size pillow insert you want with some muslin and poly-fill.! A Pillow Insert is also called a Pillow Form.

The other thing you can do with pillow forms, store bought or DIY is cover them with a removable cover that is simple to make. At Embroidery by EdytheAnne, we have a nice selection of what we call Accent Pillows. These pillows are 7″ x 10 1/2″ and certainly constitute an odd shaped pillow! When we first started creating designs for these pillows we would fill the pillow with poly-fill and then close them using steam a seam or just a whip stitch. But our last few have been created them as envelope closures. This allows you to either stuff them & then close or to insert with a DIY pillow insert. With this option you can remove one of our Christmas pillow covers and change it out for a Valentine or Easter Pillow (these are yet to be designed) We have a video tutorial showing how to make the Pillow Inserts on our YouTube Channel. You can view it by clicking HERE.

So, learning how to make the pillow inserts is cool, but equally cool is making pillow covers. Whether you are using a pillow form or store bought form, you can simply remove the envelope pillow covers easily as you move from season to season. Here are the ones we have on our website that have the envelope closure. Poinsettia Pillow, Faith based “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep” and our just recently listed Dancing Deer Christmas Pillow.

Take size of your pillow & add about a 1/2″ on all sides.

For instance 7” x 10”. Cut Muslin  8” x 11”. That will give you a half inch seam allowance.

Stitch all sides  leaving an opening for turning on the bottom about 2″.

Trim seam allowances leaving a tab at the opening. Turn through opening.

Press your seams turning in the raw edge on opening and then take poly-fill and stuff as much as you want your pillow firmness to be

Take to machine and stitch the opening using a  Zipper foot of close using Steam a seam or whip stitching.

Once filled, insert it into pillow through the envelope overlap portion. Hand stitch of steam a stitch. That is in in a nutshell, but for more detailed instructions go to our Video Tutorial on our YouTube Channel at this Link! Hope you enjoy!

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