Fabric 101: Sewing with Faux Fur Fabric

Have you tried sewing with Faux Fur Fabric? Not only is this fabric for those who sew, but also can be used in Craft Projects. How about the trendy Gnomes.

I have seen so many cute Gnomes that have Faux Fur Fabric for their wild looking hair and beards. Fabric.com has just about every type and color of Faux Fur Fabric.

It’s a fun way to add a bit of color and depth to a room or outfit. What exactly is Faux Fur??? Faux is commonly used to mean fake, artificial or imitation. Faux Fur…Fake Fur! Now the “fur” itself is made from Acrylic and Polyester.

Now, you don’t have to make your entire project out of the fur, as even adding embellishment to the overall project is a clever way and also easy to create one of a kind projects. The following is an example of using as an embellishment: Faux Fur Christmas Stocking This is actually a stocking for your pet, however, we also have several different designs that are embroidered In The Hoop and then the lining and attachment is finished using a regular sewing machine. – You can add Faux Fur to the Cuff portion of our In The Hoop Stockings to give them a Diva appeal!

I am highlighting Shannon Fabric Faux Fur, which is sold at the popular Fabric.com of which we are affiliates.

Here are some more examples of using Faux Fur Fabric: Jacket, Pillows, Vests, Throws, Stuffed Animals even Sheepskin Rugs! Bet you never thought of that one! Instead of using Sheepskin, you would use one of the available Faux Furs.

Blankets are probably one of the most popular items for the home using Faux Fur. 47″ x 60″ is a standard size, but you can make it any size you like or need. (One of the fun reasons for sewing…you can customize to your liking!)

AND guess what! We have a quick tutorial for you on how to make one!

Here is a gorgeous faux fur throw blanket with faux fur on one side and a simple flannel lining on the back. All you need is faux fur, lining, a walking foot (if you have one). Simply sew right sides together leaving a small opening for turning. Wonder Clips will help hold the two fabric pieces together as you sew, but you may get by with large pins instead if you don’t have any clips.

Faux Fur Vest – Here is a quick tutorial on Fabric.com’s blog using Shannon Fabrics Faux Fur

Easy DIY Faux Fur Throw Blanket

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