To make a 1″ wide adjustable strap you will need the following:

two 1″ Swivel Lobster Claws, two- 1″ D- rings & a Tri-Glide Slider.

For the Fabric Strap: Cut your fabric 4 times the width of the finished strap width. In this case it would be 4″ wide for a 1″ strap. Length should be around 25″ for a child and going up to 42″-55″ for an adult. Keep in mind that the advantage of making an adjustable strap is that you can decrease the length if needed. If will be difficult to increase the length after cutting.

Fusible Fleece cut length of the fabric strip and 1″ wide.

Hardware can be found at fabric shops, but is expensive. We have a list of these hardware products on our Resource Page at our Shop – Embroidery by EdytheAnne & also right her on our blog on our Catalog Page. These are great economical prices that we use on our bags.

Take the fabric strap and fold over. Lightly press. This is an easy way to mark the center. Open back up and add the fusible fleece inside one of pressed edges.

Fold over short ends about ½” and press.

Now fold over the raw edges of each long side to meet the center marking you pressed in.

Open back up and add the fusible fleece inside one of pressed edges. Fold back over and topstitch both long & short edges.

Next take the Slider and feed the short end through the bottom left up and then back down into the right opening. Stitch a tab to secure


Take the free end of strap and feed through the D-ring portion of the Swivel Lobster Claw Move the Lobster Claw to the left out of the way. It does not get attached, but floats on the strap.

Now, take the free end and feed it through the Slider starting at the left side coming up from the bottom, going across and then down through the opening on the right side. (this is just as you did before with the other end.)

Still with the free end, feed it through the 2nd Lobster Claw from the top down through to the bottom and stitch a tab as you did with the Slider.

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