Halloween Pleated Circular Skirt Tutorial

This is a tutorial on Fabric.com highlighting a very cute Halloween fabric that has just been recently listed. Halloween is such a fun and creative time of the year. Think of all the creativity that goes into this favorite holiday.

This tutorial by Adrienne Walker is going to walk you through the tips and tricks she used when making this skirt. The pattern is a style that could be worn anywhere, however changing the fabric choice defintely conforms it to Halloween! There are so many different types of prints to choose from on Fabric.com. She decided to pick the Michael Miller Bats & Black Cats Stray Cat Stut in Orange. She chose the fabric for two reasons: the color combination and the weight. The colors included shades of orange, yellow, grey, green, and black. The weight of the fabric is a lightweight material and 100% cotton. This fabric is also available in the lighter tones as you can see in the photo to the right.

You can see this fabric for purchase by clicking HERE

Based on the look I was going for, I decided to make View D of McCalls 6706, she says. Before cutting the fabric, serge the raw edges to prevent excessive shrinkage in the washing machine. Fabric typically shrinks about 10% after washing, she says. “When washing the fabric, I make sure to place it on a gentle wash and dry on low heat. With this particular fabric, you can tell the edges will fray and tangle in the washing machine.”

Here is a very important tip she gives about cutting the fabric! “The first thing you need to do is to make sure your fabric design is facing the way you would like to skirt to look. If you noticed, the black cats are located on both sides of the fabric. If you followed the pattern instructions of how to cut the pieces, then the cats will be facing sideways on your skirt. LOL!! In order to get the cats at the bottom of my skirt, I folded the serged edges together then folded again. This way I can cut two pieces on the fold. Note: Make sure to “NOT” cut the fold. You will end up with four pieces instead of two.

Constructing the Tulle

Fold the tulle in half and sew one inch across the top. For your elastic bands, measure your waist then add an inch. This is helpful in preventing the elastic band from being too tight around your waist. Insert the elastic band through your tulle and secure the ends with a zig-zag stich. I used my elastic threader to insert the elastic. Once the elastic is inserted, I secured the other end of the elastic to the tulle with a sewing pin. This helps with making sure the elastic stays in place while I work my way through the tulle.

Just put your tulle and skirt together and you are done.

Thank you Adrienne Walker for this unique Halloween skirt and thanks to Fabric.com

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