Choosing Handbag Hardware

Do you love a beautiful designer handbag? Have you ever noticed what it is that catches your eye? Next time you are walking through a department store and you get to the handbag section, notice what causes your head to turn. Most likely it’s that gorgeous hardware that is decorating the bag. Lovely print fabrics and textured leathers get my eye, but also the hardware is what sets the bag apart from another. Don’t believe me? Try walking down the purse aisle in your favorite department store.

Here is an obvious choice, a recognized brand – Michael Kors. Notice the attention given to detail. Studs on the handles, chain added to the leather strap. Gold accents throughout really setting off the burgundy and browns. Spectacularly done…eye catching.

Embellishments may be achieved utilizing the following hardware.

  • Buttons and snaps: these are typically functional as a closure, but can also serve as a decorative element.
  • Metal chain: Makes a great strap for a smaller handbag. Short chains can also be added to a leather strap giving it more pizazz.
  • Purse feet: Tiny metal feet for the bottom of your handbag.
  • Rings: Rings come in a few different shapes and have a variety of uses — they can attach a strap to a bag or make a strap adjustable.
  • Lobster Claws: removable connector — useful if you want your handbag to double as a clutch because they make the straps easy to remove from the bag
  • Studs: Decorative only
  • Straps and handles: Lots of varieties to choose from in premade handles, but you can also make your own using fabric, leather or vinyl. If making a shoulder or crossbody strap, there is Adjustable Strap Hardware available and easy to use. We have a Video Tutorial on our YouTube Channel showing how to add this hardware to make an adjustable strap.
  • Turn lock for closing your bag
  • Zippers: many choices that add a decorative element as well as a functional closure. Zippers can be purchased as Zipper Tape, which allows you to cut the zipper to the exact size you need and also typically have a larger Zipper Pull.
  • Zipper Pull Tabs – these are a fun way to add an additional element as well as making the zipper easier to pull. There is quite a variety of zipper pullers including tassles and charms.

Once you decide on your hardware, you will need to determine the type of finish. If you are adding several pieces of hardware you’ll want to make sure you can get each piece in the same finish. Here are some of the common finishes you will have to choose from:

  • Gold
  • Silver – by far the least expensive and easiest to find
  • Bronze
  • Gunmetal
  • Rose Gold

And not only making sure the hardware finishes all match, but also that they are the correct finish for the bag color. Gold is particularly good with many bag colors, except for gray. If using a gray tone, then a silver finish looks best.

We have many of these hardware option in our Catalog listing on this blog and also at our website in the Project Resource Link

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