If you’ve had the problem of making a mask for someone, especially a child, then you know it can be frustrating trying to “guess” how much elastic to use for their head size.  Thankfully, this dilemma has been solved with the Adjustable Toggles.

Here is a summary of what you need to make the ear straps adjustable:

Elastic String

First you need 1/8” elastic, preferable the elastic string. It’s very comfortable over the ear and easy to get through the toggles. Flat elastic can be used, just make sure it’s no wider than 1/8”. This will go through the toggle, but a bit harder to pull through.


The second thing you will need is toggles. You can get them in cute pastel colors that cost a little more than the white or black ones. I bought a combo pack of white and black. The toggle has a very small hole with a small opening on one side and a larger opening on the opposing side. That is the side you will insert the elastic through using a thin wire. This is sooo…easy to do you won’t believe it! You simply take the elastic through the larger hole and out the smaller one and voila! You have an adjustable ear strap ideal for children in particular, but also makes for a perfectly fitting mask for adults.

I have created a short video showing how to add them to your elastic at this link: https://youtu.be/IehkoBlmfgw. I have listed links for obtaining elastic string and toggles on our website resources page at this link:  https://inthehoopembroiderydesigns.com/pages/resources. Also, check out my partial In The Hoop Face Masks designs listed on our website at INTRO PRICING! The adult size includes 3 different faith-based designs and the child’s version has a cute playful smile with the words Hi! 

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