What is In The Hoop Machine Embroidery?

Some of you who are reading this post know what it means when I refer to machine embroidery as “IN THE HOOP”. Others of you might say well isn’t all embroidery done in the hoop!? The answer is YES all embroidery is done in a hoop. Hand embroidery is done in one of those little wood hoops that I’m sure everyone is familiar with.

Hand Embroidery Hoop

However, with machine embroidery, we do not use those little wooden hoops, but instead, use small to extra large plastic hoops that have hardware on the side to insert into the arm of the embroidery machine. The machine then takes over and does “most” of the work for you! There is a learning curve as there always is for anything new. So, that is a summary of machine embroidery. In The Hoop Machine Embroidery takes all this to a new level though.

Machine Embroidery Hoop

So, imagine this scenario….you have bought a machine embroidery design because you just fell in love with it. You may have a blank tote bag, t-shirt or another item that is perfect for this beautiful design, but many times those gorgeous designs just sit in your very well organized file folders of embroidery designs that you have backed up or you have saved it “somewhere” on your computer and once you find something to put it on you can’t find it anymore! Of course, if you have read our Tech Tips article about organizing your designs, you will know exactly where to find that design! With an In The Hoop Design, which could really be termed Project, you already know what you will be putting that design on. The In The Hoop (ITH) design and the entire project is completed while still ITH and in the embroidery machine! 

In The Hoop Projects are perfect for gift making because you have the gift completed when you are finished with the design!

The coaster images to the left, compliments of Embroidery by EdytheAnne, can be completed within a few hours not days and days of time. This same image could be put on a garment such as a hat or shirt. So the possibilities with ITH Machine Embroidery are endless. We will have more to say about all the projects and items that can be made with an embroidery machine below.

How does it work…. the short version…

  • Select your Embroidery Project .
  • Insert the hoop into the machine, with stabilizer hooped (more about stabilizers in future posts).  
  • Select the thread type and colors according to what you want the finished design to look like. During stitch out, thread colors will be sequenced through with the machine stopping at each thread color change. Change the thread color & continue with design.
  • Remove from the hoop and trim excess fabric from the design.
  • The designs may also include various additions of fabric to create appliques also while ITH.
  • Sometimes ITH projects will require more than one hooping to create the finished item.
  • Pictorial Tutorials are also included with the addition of Video Tutorials for many projects.

Here are some examples of ITH Projects: Purses, Coasters, Mug Mats, Bookmarks, Place Mats, Accent Pillows, Wall Hangings, Stuffed Animals, which we call Stuffies in the embroidery world., even Christmas Stockings can be stitched out In The Hoop with personalization added.

So, that is In The Hoop Machine Embroidery in a nutshell. You can see these and many, many more In The Hoop Machine Embroidery Projects at my Online Shop – Embroidery by EdytheAnne/ InTheHoopEmbroideryDesigns.com

Please leave any comments below.

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