WASH-AWAY STABILIZERS…. understand the differences

This is a short tutorial about the differences there are between wash-away stabilizers.

There are two different versions commonly used and can cause confusion, particularly for new machine embroiderers.

When referring to wash-away stabilizer in our instructions we are referring to one that looks like this. It’s also called Backing. This is a woven stabilizer and is somewhat opaque. It has a slightly rough texture.

There is also a wash-away stabilizer that is sheer and with a luminous appearance. It has a smooth silky feel to it. On occasion, you can put this one in your hoop, but typically it is used as a topper.

A topper wash-away stabilizer is generally used for napped fabrics. Napped fabrics will have a thicker texture such as terry cloth, fleece, and felt. With these fabrics, there is a tendency for the stitches to sink down into the fabric. Fleece or felt is a common fabric used with our Stuffie projects, but without adding a topper over the fabric before embroidering the facial features they may not be as vibrant or may actually disappear into the nap. So we always recommend adding a topper whenever you will be embroidering on top of high napped fabrics. 

Understanding the differences between these wash-away stabilizers is necessary, as we have had customers who have been hooping the sheer slippery stabilizer in their hoop and then having problems with their fabric slipping in the hoop. You will get very discouraged with your embroidery skills and not realize it’s as simple as changing the stabilizer you’re using in your hoop.

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Watch a Video Tutorial showing these two stabilizers at this link: https://youtu.be/HhqPI47Mh0Q

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