Never used Mylar film in an embroidery project? Well, you’re in for a treat. It’s a very fun skill to add to your repertoire. This quick tutorial will show you just how inspiring Mylar film can be when used with embroidery.

Here are several colors available. I got these at Dollar Tree a few years back. You can also find them online. The iridescent colors are my favorite.

Do not confuse the Mylar sheets above with a Mylar balloon, although I have read that you can use Mylar balloons just by cutting a portion off. I’ve also heard not to use Mylar balloons. So, you could give it a try and let me know how you like using the balloons as I have not tried it.

The design I’m going to show here is a Free Standing butterfly completed in just two hoopings. Each hooping makes one of the wings and then at the end the two wings are connected while still In The Hoop!

This is a butterfly made using regular fabrics

This butterfly, same design as above except that it has been edited for Mylar use. The top wings have iridescent Mylar. While the bottom wings are made using a solid Mylar.

Hooping 1 (the smaller set of wings) is first and of course, always use wash-away stabilizer anytime you are making a free-standing design.

If you’re using a solid color Mylar it doesn’t matter what fabric you put on the bottom, as the Mylar is going to cover it.

I want to point out that when you’re using Mylar you need a design that has been designed specifically for Mylar. Using a conventional embroidery design will simply cover the Mylar and you won’t even see it.

Here you can see the gold coming through, but you don’t see the gold fabric. The solid color Mylar covers the fabric & as you can see it’s a very easy way to give a metallic look to a design. The excess Mylar comes off easily just by tearing it away from the outside edges.

With the next hooping I’m using the Iridescent Mylar. I’m using a print fabric underneath the see through Mylar, because you’ll be able to see some of the print behind the Mylar. It usually makes an interesting look.

Here it is after embroidering the Iridescent Mylar over the print.

We have this design in our shop. You can view it by clicking HERE

With the design you will also get written instructions and a full video tutorial showing how to put the two hoopings together and finish the butterfly.

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