create a COMPLEMENTARY color scheme….

Today I want to elaborate on my previous Color Theory Article. I wrote about the Primary, Complementary, and Tertiary Colors of the Color Wheel and described the Monochromatic Color Scheme. For example, pick the featured color and then use this color in its various shades. This is a classic look and easy to do, but if you want to get more artistic with your color schemes go to the next Color Scheme which is Complementary.

Applying the Complementary Color Scheme you will select two colors that are on opposite sides of the color wheel. If we go back to Katie Kortman’s blog post on, she has some interesting looks using different color schemes. I think the Complementary must be my favorite as I find that I pick my colors similar to that color scheme without even thinking about it! For instance, Yellow & Lilac, Red & Green, etc

An excellent Color Wheel, one that I purchased at a Sewing Expo and has been hanging in my sewing studio for years is from Joen Wolfrom and available on is the STUDIO COLOR WHEEL. It’s a 28″ x 28″ double-sided poster. It also has some concise color theory information to help you remember the different color schemes. What is also great about it, is that you can pick your main color and then follow a cleverly constructed triangle showing you all the color schemes using that particular main color!

These Color Keys are on each of the main colors on the STUDIO COLOR WHEEL

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