I periodically ask customers what they love the most about machine embroidery and many say In The Hoop Projects. So, isn’t it ALL in the hoop? Well…yes it is, but an In The Hoop Project is actually a machine embroidery design that is more than just a design. It’s a project and once completed is actually a 3-D object that is finished. For instance, an actual purse you can carry or a place mat you can use for entertaining. Even stuffed animals can be made In The Hoop, although they’re usually called Stuffies. So…if you just purchased an embroidery design and you want to put it on a purse, you would have to figure out a way to stitch that design onto a purchased purse, but if that same design is included in an In The Hoop Purse, you would be able to create that ENTIRE purse In The Hoop WITH the design on it! Isn’t that cool? If you have an embroidery machine and have never tried In The Hoop, just be forewarned, it is habit forming!

So, like I said many, many customers say their most favorite thing about machine embroidery is being able to create those In The Hoop Projects, but I have also gotten some other interesting reasons. I thought I would share some of these with you!

in the hoop bunny project
  1. It’s like painting with thread
  2. I love the fact that your options are limitless on the beautiful things you can create.
  3. Creativity is endless.
  4. I can grade papers in between thread changes.
  5. Love making gifts for my family.
  6. Complex sewing is made easy!
  7. I love how easy it is and love watching the machine work.
  8. The stitching looks so professional.
  9. People think you are wonderful in being able to create beautiful items.
  10. Magical!
  11. I love to make dolls for my grand daughter with files I purchase online.
  12. That’s it’s already planned out step by step
  13. Does the work for me.
  14. Creating beautiful keepsakes.
  15.  Designs coming to life.
in the hoop machine embroidery project
  1. My kids love it as much as I do.
  2. So relaxing and I can make things for others.
  3.  Customizing items for my grandkids.
  4. Enhances clothes & I am also able to brighten up any item.
  5. I love that it’s fun.
  6. How you can change the colors of the same image and get something totally different.
  7. It is addicting.
  8. Watching the design come to life!
  9. It looks professional and is so much fun.
  10. The creativity it allows me.
  11. That these machines are computers that sew designs.
  12. Its like 3D printing on a sewing machine.

Add your reason in the reply box below !

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