Christmas May Be Over…

but if you live in the United States…Winter has just begun! Just in time for HOT TEA MONTH! Don’t you love to snuggle up to a cup of HOT TEA during the winter months? We think of tea having originated in the United Kingdom, but actually tea began in China many years ago. Hot Tea rivals coffee in the US, but I think tea has won out in the UK! There are many flavors of tea and can also be used medicinally. Several years ago my husband bought me a few tea mugs that included an infuser in each. These are great for loose tea, which is readily available & easier to find different varieties than tea in bags. I have since gone back to the bagged green tea, but if you’d like to try some different varieties, THE TEA TABLE is a great resource. I do not make any commission from them, I just found they had a large selection of loose teas and is where I bought mine. In celebration of HOT TEA MONTH, we are giving our readers a free Tea Pot Applique embroidery design. See below for the free download.

3 thoughts on “Christmas May Be Over…

  1. Thank you for the organization tips for files. I do the same except the final A B C part and I think that’s ingenious!!


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